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Partners and Roles

SISSA, Trieste, February 11th 2020: the IN-FET project is kicked-off, bringing together all consortium principal investigators and their young collaborators!

The IN-FET consortium brings together 7 partners across Europe, contributing to the long-term groundbreaking vision of the project by neurobiology, nanotechnologies, electrochemistry, microelectronics, mathematical modelling.

Partners Description

Click on the partners' logos below and learn more about them, their expertise, and their facilities.

International School of Advanced Studies - Coordinator - Italy

University of Geneva - Partner - Switzerland

Inter-University Nano-Electronics Team - Partner - Italy

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - Partner - Italy

University of Udine - Partner - Italy

The University of Sheffield - Partner - United Kingdom

IBM Research Laboratories | Zurich - Partner - Switzerland

Multichannel Systems - Partner - Germany

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